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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What are the postage costs? This depends on the item and quantity. A guide price is given alongside each item. If you are after multiple items or something a bit different get in touch and we will let you know the total cost including postage.


Can you send me a brochure? To keep our prices low we only use the website for advertising. We can send you a quotation and full specification and/or photos for any item you are interested in.


What is the difference between air-dried and green oak? When comparing our products with other companies it is important to check the type of oak being used. Where stated our products are made from air-dried oak. This oak has been dried by exposure to the atmosphere but protected from the rain. It greatly reduces the chances of the oak moving, which is a natural process.


Green oak is freshly felled oak. It is much cheaper to use but as it dries it will quite likely split and twist. We do use green oak for our posts as it is more cost effective. We make sure the posts we select are chosen for their straight grain and minimal knots. This reduces the chance of them moving.


Should oak be treated? We like to leave our oak untreated and let it weather naturally to a silver grey. As it is a hardwood it does not need to be treated. It doesn't like being painted or varnished. We recommend that all our oak products are left untreated.

If you do choose to oil the oak, you can use Tung Oil. However, you will need to redo the oil twice a year, eventually, the oak will turn to a silvery grey.


Is your wood from a sustainable source? We purchase our oak from local sawmills. Our suppliers all have environmental policies that ensure the timber is sourced responsibly. Most wood will be FSC® and PEFC™ products.


Can I see something you have made? Get in touch with us and we will let you know what we have made near you and whether it is possible to see it in a public place. Otherwise please have a look at the photo galleries on each product page and on our Facebook page.



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