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Nature Trail Rubbing Posts

A great way to engage children with the natural environment. A synthetic stone plaque, with a laser-etched motif is mounted on a green oak post. The designs include birds, insects, trees, plants and marine life or can be made to order. Rubbing works well with an HB pencil.

Enhance your nature trail with a colourful A4 information panel incorporating the rubbing plaque.

Download a full list of designs.


As everything is made to order, please contact us if you have a different design in mind.


Tel: 07989 223 634


Price Guide

Rubbing plaque - synthetic stone 100mm x 100mm x 6mm. Pre-drilled screw holes. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

£35 each (free delivery)

Rubbing post including one plaque - Green oak post 120mm x 120mm x 1.2m finished with sanded edges and 22.5 degree angled top. The plaque is 100mm x 100mm screwed on top.

£85 each

Rubbing post including A4 information panel and rubbing plaque. As above with an A4 3mm aluminium panel with matt laminate coating. 

£175 each

Nature Trail Worksheet. A4 sheet with space for 2 rubbings with a question and photo for each species. Provided as a PDF for you to print out. £25 each. 

Make it your own! We can make rubbing plaques with your logo, wording or images. The text and images on the panels can be made specific to your site. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Delivery £20 per post. 4-15 posts £80. 

Please contact us for the price for other options.

All prices plus VAT

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Bespoke Options & Ordering

If you have alternative designs in mind please get in touch with us. As everything is made to order our bespoke costs are very reasonable and small changes often don't cost much if anything more.


Quotes: The prices you see here are the prices you pay. However, we are happy to provide a quote if required, please email us.


Ordering - Public bodies: Let us know what you want along with an invoice and delivery address and purchase order number or reference. We will then invoice you on despatch for payment within 30 days by BACS or cheque.


Ordering - all others: Let us know what you want along with an invoice and delivery address. We will issue an invoice for payment in advance.


Tel: 07989 223 634


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